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Last chance Christmas gifts: 15 last-minute Amazon Prime presents with speedy shipping

Forgotten someone? Fix Christmas quick with a next-day gift

You’re the organised one. You made your longlist in May. You shortlisted by September. And you got everything sorted by November. In fact, you even pre-ordered a few presents for next year.

Alas, even the most fastidious festive planner can’t account for pandemic-related postal delays, supply chain shortages or the fact that someone forgot to dispatch your gifts because they were distracted by a dusting of snow.

Need to save the day with an express delivery? Worry not: we’ve sifted through our Christmas gadget gift guides to pick 15 of the best Prime-eligible presents. Buy one before Amazon’s cut-off time and – all being well – it’ll be with you tomorrow. Not a Prime member? Sign up here to save on shipping, streaming and photo storage.

House of Marley Rebel

Three little birds won’t sit on your doorstep if they find out your habits are harmful for the environment. Help them be happy with these eco in-ears. Made from solid bamboo and House of Marley’s Regrind wood fibre composite, they also get up, stand up for the planet by shipping with a sustainable braided cable. Don’t worry about battery life: eight hours of playtime is bolstered by 22 more from the wireless charging case. Worried about the impact of express delivery? Satisfy your soul by using this browser extension to plant trees when you shop.

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen)

Shopping for an affordable gift to stick on someone’s bedside table? You could buy your sleepy recipient an alarm clock, a digital photo frame, a speaker or even a tiny TV. Or you could buy them an Echo Show 5 – which is all of those things and more. Shipped with Alexa on-board, Amazon’s smallest screen has all the smarts you’d expect, including home control, security monitoring and improved video calling with its new 2MP camera.

JBL Clip 4

Supermarkets say it’s never too early for Christmas music. Give them a taste of their seasonal impatience with JBL’s portable speaker. Attach it to your backpack with the integrated carabiner clip, before firing up your summer playlist via Bluetooth. With 10 hours of battery life, you’ll have plenty of time to stroll up and down the aisles playing Long Hot Summer on repeat. And thanks to IP67 waterproofing, the tunes won’t stop, even if they rain on your protest parade by setting off the sprinklers.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

You can only watch The Polar Express so many times before it stops warming your heart and you start wishing for a derailment. Reinvigorate your festive viewing with Roku’s latest stick. Added to the back of your box, it’ll stream Yuletide TV in bright and shiny 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision. As well as support for Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, it also works with every mainstream content platform – from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Disney+, Apple TV and BT Sport. So you’ll be sorted for Christmas flicks and the Boxing Day games.

Tile Slim (2022)

Keys? Wallet? Phone? The pocket pat-down is a dance known to wayfarers the world over. Come up empty and frantic rummaging is sure to ensue. Attach Tile’s updated tracker to your assets to avoid the dreaded routine. Lightweight and shaped like a credit card, it slips neatly into billfolds or luggage tags, then logs their location at regular intervals. Track its position through the smartphone app, before activating its ringer from a distance of 76m. With a three-year battery life, you’ll have a long time to find it. Plus if you stump up for Tile Premium, you’ll get an alert if you leave it behind.

Nanoleaf Essentials Lightbulb

Fairly lights might illuminate your room, but those decorations better be down by Twelfth Night. Otherwise…something will happen. For ambience to last the year, add Nanoleaf’s brighter bulb to an existing fitting. Good to glow in more than 16 million ways, each shiner connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth for tweakable tones and custom schedules. Add to an existing Thread network for faster response times, before configuring circadian shades which soothe you to sleep with warmer whites.

Wacaco Picopresso

Coffee can’t cure jet lag, but it can give you the energy to remember which country you’ve woken up in. Skip the hotel’s instant sachets and treat your bewildered brain to a better boost. Engineered to produce café-quality brews on the move, Wacaco’s Picopreso delivers pro Joe wherever you go. Simply add hot water to the chamber, pump the hand-powered piston and wait for aromatic rocket fuel to drip through the portafilter. A funnel and tiny tamper help when filling the basket with ground-up good stuff – and unlike a travelling barista, the compact cylinder doesn’t demand it’s own room in exchange for creamy double shots.

Huawei Band 6

Like carnivores who choose a nut roast from the Christmas menu, Huawei’s Band 6 is half-and-half. Equal parts fitness band and smartwatch, the ticker can track SPO2 and heart rate throughout the day, as well as sleep, stress and menstrual cycles. Its 1.47in AMOLED display is bright and sharp, while the two-week battery life puts the Apple Watch to shame. And with 96 workout modes, you’ll have many ways to burn off the pigs in blankets you secretly scoffed when your veggie mates weren’t looking.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021)

Besides a hug from Santa, there’s little cosier at Christmas than lighting a fire, curling up in an armchair and trying to stay awake while you tuck into a good tome. And if the festive break for you means feasting on enough paperbacks to stock a small library, Amazon’s latest e-reader is your perfect page-turner. Built for book lovers, its glare-free 6.8in display is easy on the eyes, while an adjustable warm light lets you keep reading squint-free after sundown.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

Candid snaps might seem like a sentimental Christmas treat, but no-one wants their practised gratitude captured in high resolution. Mask the phoney smiles with analogue grain. Fujifilm’s old-school shooter sorts out the exposure, focus and flash by itself, leaving you free to frame up whichever visiting relative looks least pleased with their presents. Pint-sized prints appear 90 seconds after you push the button, with all the deep contrast, warm fuzz and awkward expressions you’d expect.

Backbone One

Modern mobiles are powerful enough to play full-fat games on the go. Transform your iPhone into a genuine Switch rival with the help of this collapsible attachment. It adds proper buttons, analogue sticks, triggers and a D-pad to any iPhone newer than a 6 (as long as it’s running at least iOS13). More than that, its partner app allows you to seamlessly record clips and stream to Twitch, plus it supports remote play from a range of platforms. The best bit? It does it all without needing a built-in battery.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

There’s nothing funnier for sprogs than asking Alexa to play animal sounds. While the Echo Dot Kids is functionally identical to the standard sphere, it comes with a few child-friendly extras that set it apart. Little ones can still order the smart assistant to entertain their ears with oinks and neighs, but it also comes bundled with a batch of audiobooks, games and educational skills. It ships with an extended two-year guarantee too, in case it wears out after too much mooing. Oh, and it has the face of a tiger or panda. Alexa, what noise does a Panda make?


From paper ripping to cracker pulling, there’s plenty of Christmas action worth capturing. But all the excitement can make it tricky to keep your mitts steady. Enter the DJI OM 5: equipped with a 3-axis gimbal, the folding holder is the ultimate tool for festive filmmaking. Stick your mobile in the magnetised mount for footage smoother than your gran’s brandy sauce. Lock on with ActiveTrack before lining up blockbuster ShotGuides sequences in the smartphone app. Need a better angle? Pull out the extension rod to record from merrily on high.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Floor space is prime real estate over the festive period, but it’s worth pushing aside some presents to make room for Mario’s hybrid driving game. A clever combo of augmented reality and remote control racing, Home Circuit has you lay out a real track using cardboard markers, before steering compact camera-equipped karts using your Nintendo Switch. A live feed is streamed to your screen, where virtual hazards and boosts show up. Race online or against your mates as you weave to avoid Red Shells, rival karts and Uncle Fred’s slippers.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

A flyaway writer’s retreat might be just the thing to inspire your next bestseller. Stick Logitech’s compact keyboard in your carry-on for top typing wherever you travel. Slim, light and good for up to five months on a single charge, the Mini features full-sized keys which are sculpted to suit your fingertips, while its solid metal build reduces the rat-a-tat that would otherwise earn the ire of fellow passengers. Backlighting lets you continue crafting your novella even after the cabin lights are dimmed, plus an emoji shortcut means you’ll easily find the right smiley to celebrate when you get published.