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Which Amazon Kindle is best for you?

Your e-reader dilemma, solved...

A woman sits by a lake reading on a Kindle e-reader

Amazon’s Kindle devices are the most popular e-readers around for a reason. Over the years, they’ve become incredibly good at replicating the experience of reading a book on their digital screens, with the benefit of the electronic format being that you can access an entire library on a single, highly portable gadget.

They also make reading cheaper and ebooks are more environmentally friendly than that pile of paperbacks you’ve been nursing, so e-readers have an awful lot going for them. The only real issue is deciding which Kindle to buy – but we can help with that.

There are now three base Kindle models to choose from and each one does something a bit different, so read on as we reveal the best Kindle to buy for most people and help you find the Amazon e-reader that’s right for you.

The best cheap Kindle for casual readers

Kindle (2019, 10th gen)

The cheapest Kindle of the lot is great for casual readers and costs about the same as a pair of decent trainers. The latest version came out in 2019, meaning it’s the 10th gen plain ol’ Kindle, and guess what? It displays text on a screen just like its way more expensive siblings.

The 167ppi display found on the 6-inch screen might not be quite as bright as the others, but it comes with the same E Ink anti-glare technology like Amazon’s more premium models and has fixed its biggest problem with the latest model.

The addition of a front light is huge – this was previously the Kindle’s biggest shortcoming – so only the plastic design really points to its low-end price tag. That plastic doesn’t weigh much, though, with this also the lightest Kindle of the lot at just 174g.

For casual readers looking to test the waters with an e-reader, this is the Kindle to get.

The best Kindle to buy for most people

Kindle Paperwhite (2021, 11th gen)

The Kindle Paperwhite is arguably the definitive Kindle, with a classic design and feature set that should suit most people – especially as the 2021 model comes with a number of upgrades.

These are headlined by the addition of an adjustable warm light and USB-C charging while splashing out for the fancier Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition gets you more memory (32GB vs 8GB), wireless charging, an auto-adjusting front light, and comes without ads as standard.

Both still have a curvy soft-touch back like earlier Paperwhites, but they now offer a larger 6.8-inch display for significantly slimmed down bezels and a more refined overall look.

This is the Kindle avid readers should pick, as that screen is ultra-sharp at 300ppi, making text look every bit as sharp as it does on the physical page. It’s also where the Kindle line-up starts being able to go for a splash, with all versions of the Paperwhite being waterproof up to the IPX8 lab standard.

If you’re going to use your e-reader all the time and in a variety of situations, this is the one to go for – and the £50 Signature Edition upgrade is certainly tempting.

The best Kindle to buy when money is no object

Kindle Oasis (2019, 10th gen)

Just like a good bubble bath, the Kindle Oasis is all about luxury and the latest version was released in 2019.

Its body trims down to a MacBook Air-like 3.4mm thin at one end, leaving the other end to act as a comfy handgrip. The screen has stretched to an even larger 7-inch size, so you can fit more words on a page. And as there’s no annoying Kindle logo on the front, it works for lefties and righties equally. Just flip it around.

It was the first Kindle to be given the full IPX8 waterproof treatment and features ambient light tech so you won’t have to keep tweaking the brightness, as well as page-turning buttons so your fingers can properly chillax. To accentuate all these totally unnecessary but absolute awesome features, there’s a lovely real leather case that fills in the wedge on the back.

Available in merlot, walnut and black, there’s something terribly classy about the Oasis wrapped in its formal wear, so this is also the Kindle design-conscious readers should probably plump for.

Put simply, it’s the Aston Martin of e-readers. Buy it if you can and a £100 for a button to turn pages doesn’t phase you.