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Orbea’s new Kemen e-bikes are as handsome as they are strong

The SUV model supports loads up to an impressive 27kg

Orbea has revealed two new city e-bikes designed to make life in the big smoke a little bit easier for commuters. 

Both the Kemen and Kemen SUV, to give them their full names, have aluminium frames. As a result, they’re light enough to shift around with ease, while remaining sturdy and strong, thanks to Orbea’s fancy hydroforming process which sees the thickness vary at different points to either save weight, or reinforce high-tension areas.

Their integrated batteries and cable routing also lend them a sleek, seamless look, and powering the show is Shimano’s EP8 motor, which serves up 85Nm of torque, in combination with a built-in 540Wh battery that’s good for up to five hours of pedalling action. 

The battery itself is designed to maximise the amount of capacity for the available space, and Orbea’s smart charger also extends the life of the battery by up to 30 percent. It does this by adapting the charging power according to factors like temperature, cell state, and charge cycles consumed, all without any user input required. Oh, and if you fancy something a little extra, you’ve got the option of mounting a 252 Wh range extender for a more mileage.

While both models are city bikes, they do have some key differences beyond the aforementioned rack loads. The Kemen, for example, has 2.25in tyres and a rack capable of holding 18kg worth of cargo. The Kemen SUV, in contrast, sports 2.35in tyres, with a beefier rack that can hold up to 27kg of gear if required. Both models also have a kickstand that’s sturdy enough to support their maximum-rated loads.

Orbea is selling the Kemen and Kemen SUV with two different top tube position options too. The Top Bar variant offers maximum frame stiffness for rougher treatment and heavier loads, while the Mid Bar frame provides improved accessibility. Lastly, they both benefit from built-in lights, with the rear ones automatically shining brighter when you brake, which is a nice touch.

Sold? Then you’ll be glad to hear that you can buy the Kemen and Kemen SUV now, directly from Orbea, with prices starting at £3599 and £4299, respectively.

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