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Amazon’s new Wi-Fi 6E eero mesh system is built for speed

*Slaps router* This bad boy can fit so many Gbps in it

If your ageing home network can’t keep up with the daily battering of 4K streams, gaming, and dance trend video uploads, then good news — Amazon has just launched its fastest mesh Wi-Fi system to date. 

The eero Pro 6E is, unsurprisingly, infused with the very latest Wi-Fi 6E standard, which has all the speed benefits of Wi-Fi 6, with the addition of a new 6GHz channel thrown in for good measure.

While this additional channel has less range than the 5GHz and 2.4GHz ones you might be more familiar with, it’s blazing-fast, with extremely low interference as there’s no overlap with other networks. In short, if you have a Wi-Fi 6 device like a shiny new laptop, it can connect to this new channel and enjoy cable-like speeds wirelessly around the home. Oh, and while most of your tech will still be stuck on older standards until it’s eventually replaced, there’s no need to fret —Wi-Fi 6E’s 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels will still work with Wi-Fi 6 (and older) compatible devices. 

Specs-wise, the eero Pro 6E supports network speeds up to 2.3Gbps (a gigabit wired and 1.3 Gbps wireless connection), with an additional 160MHz radio channel bandwidth for intense streaming experiences like VR or 8K streaming. A single eero Pro 6E can cover up to 190 square metres, with a two-pack increasing this to 370 square metres. A triple-pack boosts this to 560 square metres. 

Currently you can snap up the single-pack for £349 on Amazon, with the triple-pack setting you back a cool £799. It seems steep, and might not be worth it if you’re a light user and/or aren’t planning to have a bunch of Wi-Fi 6 devices scattered around your home any time soon. If you’re looking for the very latest Wi-Fi tech and want to futureproof your network though, then it’s well worth considering.

Amazon also unveiled the cheaper eero 6+, the company’s most affordable gigabit router to date, which also sports the same 160MHz radio channel for super-speedy performance. It can be yours for £139, with the triple-pack setting you back £319.