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Roli’s Lumi Keys 1 is your very own portable piano teacher

Light up your life

Let’s face it: summer is all but behind us and we’re all going to be spending a lot of time indoors over the next few months. So why not take this opportunity to become the next Elton John? The Lumi Keys 1 is the ready-for-retail upgrade on the Kickstarter-only Lumi that we got very excited about last year. It’s a quite adorable miniature keyboard that connects to a mobile app and teaches you how to play piano with its illuminating rainbow-coloured keys. Within the overhauled Lumi app are over 400 songs to play along to and 100+ lessons, from the basic ‘hit the key when it lights up’ beginner lessons, right up to proper musical notation. The Lumi Keys 1 is 77g heavier than its predecessor, making it more durable, while the keys themselves are now more satisfying to jab at with your confused fingers. If you pre-order now for £299 you get the keyboard, a free Snapcase, express shipping and a discount voucher for Lumi Premium, which gives you access to the full library of songs. Stock is limited, but if you get in quick you might make the first wave of shipments in early November.