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Haier’s Series 6 Chef@Home oven knows what you’re cooking – and can adjust itself

The smartest of smart home tech

Haier’s new Series 6 Cooking Chef@Home oven features some very cool tech indeed – making cooking easier than ever and burnt food a thing of the past.

The new oven aims to get around complicated controls with a huge touchscreen and support for Haier’s voice control tech, compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Preci Taste tech recognises the type of food inside the oven, which then uses AI to suggest a cooking setting alongside the included Preci Probe. This wireless probe works using Bluetooth and is accurate to one degree. If the oven is in automatic mode, it can help the appliance adjust itself to cook your food more accurately.

The whole oven door becomes a large touchscreen

A built-in camera enables you to monitor your bakes and will even keep an eye on them itself, adjusting the cooking settings if required. The oven is also aware when you’re in front of it thanks to presence detection – the on-door touchscreen is then active.

The Bluetooth-enabled Preci Probe

Haier is no stranger to clever kitchen tech – one version of its Wine Bank includes two temperature zones you can control with the company’s h.On app. The same app is employed here, offering you full control of your cooking and baking.

Everything has been thought of – the oven’s shelves use telescopic technology so you can pull them out easier and therefore have the oven door open for less time than is absolutely necessary.

The Series 6 Chef@Home is available now from Haier.