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Nomad’s Base One Max is the premium wireless charger you didn’t know you needed

An Apple-approved MagSafe and Apple Watch charging duo.

When it comes to chargers and accessories for your smartphone, most options begin to look the same. You can have a wire or no wire. Some might blow your phone up as they’re not certified. But what about a more premium experience?

Enter Nomad’s Base One Max. This iPhone and Apple Watch duo wireless charger is Apple-approved, and packs the MagSafe charging tech inside. And best of all, it looks as stylish as a wireless charger can. It’s the premium charging experience you didn’t know you needed.

The power of MagSafe in the Base One Max: Specs and details

The Base One Max offers a two-tone design that will perfectly fit any environment. For the base of the charger, you’ll find a weighted metal stand. Atop the stand is an elevated glass panel that houses the MagSafe charger. When we say the stand is weighted, we mean weighted. Picking up Nomad’s latest charger, you’ll certainly notice the hefty weight! This design ensures your phone doesn’t go anywhere when you lift it from the MagSafe connector.

That’s right, Nomad’s Base One Max packs in official MFi MagSafe charging. That means the MagSafe connector is approved by Apple, so you know the magnets will be just as strong as any other certified MagSafe charger. The integrated Apple Watch charger is also handy, working perfectly with the smartwatch’s built-in Nightstand Mode.

You’ll get up to 15W of power when charging your iPhone with the Base One Max. It’s just as fast as Apple’s own MagSafe puck, and comparable to some physical cables. Unfortunately, you can’t access wireless charging speeds faster than 15W, as MagSafe is limited to that level.

Nomad’s Base One Max retails for $150, and is available in Silver and Carbide. You can purchase the wireless charger directly from Nomad. It’s worth noting that you will need a 35W (or higher) plug adapter to use the Base One Max; just like your iPhone, it doesn’t come with one.

Stuff says… Nomad has poured quality and functionality into the typically mundane wireless charger. By combining a stylish design with the latest (and approved) Apple charging tech, there’s no charger that’ll take better place. A charger for both your iPhone and Apple Watch is extremely convenient, and with MagSafe built-in, you couldn’t ask for more. At $150, the Base One Max carries a fairly hefty price tag for a wireless charger. But the quality of the device lives up to the price, so you won’t be disappointed. If you want the best charging experience available, Nomad’s latest option might be just what you’re looking for.