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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 is built for both work and play

Time to ditch the laptop once and for all?

Tablets have transitioned from slightly comical supersized smartphones into keyboard-wielding productivity machines that can replace your laptop on a business trip. But Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 isn’t so much an alternative as it is a truly shapeshifting two-in-one. You see, it comes pre-loaded with Samsung’s DeX, which you probably remember as a gadget that, when paired with a monitor and keyboard, turned your smartphone into a desktop PC. On the Tab S4, DeX is even more at home. When launched, you can make use of multiple resizable desktop-style windows for all your Android apps, and the device essentially functions like a laptop, only running DeX rather than a traditional PC OS. Switching back to tablet mode is as easy a pressing a button, and with its 10.5in AMOLED display, four AKG-tuned speakers, Dolby Atmos audio and larger 7,300mAh battery, it’s a pretty handy entertainment slab too. Chuck in an S Pen out of the box, and you’ve got a serious iPad Pro rival. Pick one up from August 10, with prices starting at £599.