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Lego unveils the 1890-piece Star Wars Landspeeder kit you have been looking for

Use the Force, Luke… to get all those Lego bricks into place

Until now, Lego’s Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series has mostly focused on swoopy spaceships and stompy imperial transport, such as last year’s colossal AT-AT. But this latest release takes a smaller-scale vehicle and ramps it up to a large-scale model.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker Landspeeder nets you a faithful brick-built take on Luke’s battered X-34 Landspeeder, fashioned from a massive 1890 pieces. When complete, the model is an impressive 50cm long, 17cm high and 30cm wide, and it comes with two entertainingly out-of-scale Luke and C3PO minifigs – although they’re ideal for recording guaranteed YouTube crossover hit, Lego Honey I Shrunk A New Hope(Don’t do that – Legal Ed.)

Inevitably, the set’s due for release on May the 4th, and it’ll be priced at £174.99/$199.99, unless you can perform a Jedi mind trick on a shop assistant and somehow get it for free. (Also don’t do that – Legal Ed.)

But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some Lego!

As ever with a UCS set, this one’s designed primarily for display, rather than play, which means you get a natty black brick-built stand and plenty of details to gawp at. You can pore over blocky takes on the Landspeeder’s two-seater cockpit, repulsorlift engine and thrust turbines, and Lego’s even created a new moulded element for the curved windshield. 

According to set designer César Carvalhosa Soare, working on this model has been a great experience. “It’s been an amazing adventure creating Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder in Lego brick form,” he says. “It is such an iconic vehicle in the Star Wars saga. We’ve ensured no detail has been forgotten and have even included some of the scratches. The finished product is the perfect addition to the UCS collection.”

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