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4K and 8K television standard to be called UHDTV

HD? Pah. We'll take Ultra High Definition, thank you very much – and not a single pixel less

4K and 8K resolution tellies are few and far between, but that hasn’t stopped the excitable bunch at the International Telecommunications Union from revealing Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) as the name for the new hi-res standard.

For the number fans out there, 1080p’s resolution of 1920×1080 is dwarfed by 4K’s resolution of 3840×2160 – and 8K serves up an even more eye-melting resolution of 7680×5320.

Currently, both 4K and 8K will fall under the UHDTV category, though we expect that will be tweaked as time passes to distinguish between the two resolutions.

In the meantime there’s very little out there for even cash-laden gadgeteers to take advantage of – unless you’re willing to pay Panasonic an ungodly some of money for its 145in 8K plasma prototype TV.

You can however watch some of the Olympics in 8k, and with Omnivision’s new 4K camera sensors set to enter the next generation of smartphones, UHDTV looks set to start its gradual journey into your living room.

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