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5 of the best chopping boards

Geek chic extends to the kitchen with these gadgetised surface protectors

Gamepad chopping board

£15, Firebox

A chopping board decked as a giant retro NES pad. Brilliant. The attention to detail is impressive – swapping Start and Select for Slice and Dice, and the Nintendo logo for the silhouette of a chopped carrot. And when you’re not slicing and dicing, it can double up as a giant prop in case you ever go to a fancy dress party as a NES console.

OCD Chef chopping board

£20, Firebox

Warning: extreme anality. Etched with exacting measurements and precise angles, this OCD Cutting Board has been crafted with obsessive chopping in mind, for pernickety perfectionists who like their veg uniformly cut.

Joseph Joseph Index colour coded chopping boards

£35, Amazon

Cross contamination is serious business when it comes to slicing and dicing. With a choice of four cutting boards, you can give self-inflicted food poisoning a wide berth. Illustrated index-style tabs – vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food – clears up any confusion, while its stylish case offers up a neat storage solution.

Boardcaster chopping board

£30, Prexxybox

You may be rock and roll, but you still need to eat. And when a chopping board is this cool, it deserves an honorary position in our top 5. There’s nothing to it, it’s simply a chopping board in the shape of a Fender Telecaster body. But it’s guaranteed to prove a hit with culinary cool cats who love a bit of Springsteen as much as they love spring onions.

iPhone chopping board

US$15, My Brett

You can’t chop an onion and use your iPhone at the same time. This chopping board should go some way to sating your iPhone addiction. Although we’ve no idea what the dodgy icon on the top left is supposed to be.


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