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5 of the best golf putters

Been watching the US Open and fancy a shiny new putter? Yep, us too

The US Open’s in full swing, with Rory McIlroy leading the European charge. If watching the pros tackle those tricky greens has got you lining up virtual putts in the living room, you might fancy picking up one of these…

Ping Karsten Anser £63

The legendary heel-toe weighted putter in its latest guise. Amazing value for money and proven performance, as well as looking more elegant than most modern mallet-headed models.

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Odyssey White Ice 2-Ball £140

If you have trouble aligning your putts, Odyssey’s 2-Ball system takes some of the strain away. The White Ice series comes with loads of different head shapes, but we like the one above left – reminds us of the USS Reliant in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

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MD Golf Seve Signature £55

Pay your respects to the most exciting golfer who ever lived – tap home using a Seve signature putter. But remember, before you reach the green you need to make a spectacular escape from behind a wall, ricocheting the ball off a passing cameraman while making a V-neck jumper look super-cool. No pressure.

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Whitlam Golf Hummer II £200

Standing out from the Titleist-thwacking crowd means more than just being the only one not wearing a baseball cap; you need some limited-edition clubbage. Martin Whitlam crafts some of the finest putters around, providing a less mainstream alternative to the hordes of Scotty Camerons. This mallet has an unusual face weight mounted at the top, promoting top spin to keep your ball rolling true.

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Wilson Staff 8882 £70

Based on a classic ’60s design, it may not look like a head-pulping weapon from an Xbox game or have the latest in alignment aids, but it does look and feel remarkably lovely. It’s not totally devoid of tech, though, as the clever milling on the face helps to correct off-centre hits.

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