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5.9in Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be demoed in the US this week

Samsung's next-gen pocket-busting behemoth will be strutting its stuff behind closed doors this week

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly be shown off behind closed doors in the US this week, according to the Korea Times. And it’ll have a 5.9in screen.

An executive for Samsung’s main parts supplier confirmed that US network AT&T will be getting a sneak preview of the garantuan phone this week, though whether or not it’ll be the final version is unknown.

This latest news goes against the previous rumours of a Note 3 with a 6.3in screen, though it would still pit it against the oversized Huawei Ascend Mate and ZTE Grand Memo.

That’s all the details we have for the time being, but our educated guess-o-meter has predicted a 98 per cent chance of a Wacom-infused S Pen and 1080p display, so watch this space.

[Korea Times via Tech Radar]

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