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Aluminium Nokia Catwalk to make Lumia 920 look brick-like

Nokia has given a sneak peek at its next flagship handset, and it’s cut no corners with this premium build smartphone

Mobile World Congress yielded up everything from Gigatowers to 4K mobile video – and in one room tucked away from the show floor, Nokia revealed some tantalising details on the Catwalk, the successor to the Lumia 920. Now Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin has spilled the beans on the closed-door briefing.

The Catwalk will feature a brand new design, bringing the strong and lightweight qualities of aluminium into the build of a slimmer version of the 920. Despite cutting the flab it will have a newer version of the 920 PureView Phase 2 camera, but otherwise should remain similar in hardware spec.

And yes, it’ll be running Windows Phone 8. The rumour mill predicts a new version of this still young software to land around winter time – expect to see Catwalk arrive then, too.

[Eldar Murtazin via CNET]

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