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Amazon front-lit Kindle coming in July

Even the darkness can’t get between you and your favourite pensmith’s work anymore

Making fire, and therefore light, is still one of man’s greatest achievements. His greatest sales accomplishment, as measured by crazy sales figures, could be the Amazon Kindle. Now the two will be combined for a Kindle with a front-lit screen due out this July. Note: no fire needed.

Reuters has spoken to a source that’s seen the Amazon front-lit ereader prototype already in all its glowing glory. That’s great for reading your favourite vampire novels in gloomy surroundings, but your battery will suffer. And since that one month battery is one of the strongest traits of the current Kindle, it’ll be interesting to see how popular the new version will be.

The E Ink displaying front-lit Kindle should be launched in July in Kindle and Kindle Touch versions both as Wi-Fi and 3G models. And the price should light a fire under deliberating buyers starting at around the £120 mark.

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