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Amazon Game Studios becomes official

The online shopping giant has added another notch to its belt with a newly formed game studio. Could the next Angry Birds be reared by Amazon?

Amazon has announced its own gaming studio alongside its debut Facebook title launch, Living Classics.

Although Living Classics is only on Facebook for the time being, Amazon Game Studios has already received a flood of requests asking for a Kindle Fire version, and we’d bet our entire internet connection that Amazon is planning on expanding into the app store market in the very near future.

With the Kindle Fire and rumoured Kindle Fire 2 around the corner, Amazon will have the ideal platform to showcase its upcoming titles and will no doubt be aiming for the top of the Google Play Store download charts with its first run of games.

Will the next Angry Birds-like sensation be Amazon-raised? Watch this space to find out…

[Amazon Game Studios via Electric Pig]

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