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App of the Week – The Elements

Price: $13.99 Platform: Apple iPad Is there any subject in the world that suffers such a massive drop-off of cool as chemistry? Those precious first

Price: $13.99

Platform: Apple iPad

But before you know it, the entire discipline slides away into dusty mathematics, rote memorisation of properties and the mind-melting boringness of the Haber-Bosch process.

This is heavy on real world applications – bullets, jewellry, money, nuclear bombs – and mercifully light on industrial history. There are 3D visuals (you’ll need to buy weird left eye/right eye specs) but also hard-core physical data like atomic weight, melting points and even electron shells and crystalline structure.

And if that’s not geeky enough, you can call up extreme boffinry via the Wolfram Alpha computational engine. Basically, there’s enough detail here to serve you well into university – or just brush up on your superheavy transuranic elements in the pub, so that when I note that my new iPad feels as though it’s made from ununhexium, you’ll know exactly what I mean. This is the future of ebooks, and no mistake.