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App of the Week – Melodala

Price: £1.19 Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad (Melodala HD) Ah, hippies. If you'd ever wondered where they went after the Grateful Dead stopped tour

Price: £1.19

Platform: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad (Melodala HD)

Anyway, welcome one of the most charming of the bunch, a combination drawing program / ambient music / spiritual enlightenment app from a small group of British artists and developers.

Melodala is simplicity itself to use. Simply select a background tune to inspire you (Arctic Stopover is very Sigur Ros-y), pick a brush, a colour and get gliding. Each dab of your finger creates a blob or trail, but in a pleasingly symmetrical pattern that means even the most cack-handed dauber (ie. me) can create some vaguely Celtic, vaguely Tibetan designs that would look, like, totally awesome on a tie-dyed T-shirt, man.

Really, it’s not half as annoying as it sounds – and apparently it might even be genuine art. The Tate Modern is showcasing Melodala at a special event this Saturday (August 21), where the app will be projected onto giant screens and used to create a tiled mosaic over the course of the day. So pack your patchouli, make yourself a nice mung bean salad and take part in the iPad’s very first art ‘happening’. Peace.