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App of the Week – MultiPong

Platform: Apple iPad Price: £1.59 Anyone under 25, skip straight to the next paragraph - it's got Lady Gaga in it! That's better, now I can referenc

Platform: Apple iPad

Price: £1.59

Sorry, only kidding about Lady Gaga, but if any multiplayer iPad game is worth trimming your fluorescent finger nails for, it’s MultiPong. This multi-player pinball game is as simple as it is addictive. Choose a number of players (from solo to four), pick a difficulty level (Baby to Flash) and start.

Solo play is fun, with bouncers and power-ups appearing in gradually tougher sequences. But it’s in multiplay that game comes alive, handling four fingers and dozens of balls with liquid ease. Talking of which, MultiPong could be the perfect post-pub game – just remember that salt and vinegar crisp dust will seriously impede your high score aspirations.