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Apple again rumoured to be buying luxury TV brand Loewe

Talk of Apple acquiring the German manufacturer to build its game-changing HDTV resurfaces

Well, here’s one you’ve heard before: apparently Apple is considering buying Loewe.

This rumour first surfaced last year, and like a persistent cough it just won’t go away. The German luxury TV maker seems like a good fit for Apple on paper, assuming the latter is going ahead with plans to build its own HDTV, with a reputation for producing high quality minimalist products.

Loewe is also losing money, and therefore could be ripe for acquisition by a company as cash-rich as Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook said this week that the company has been making acquisitions at the rate of one every couple of months: “The kind of companies that we’ve purchased have been companies where they have really smart people and/or IP. And generally speaking we’ve in many cases taken something that they’re working on and moved the scales to work on something else.”

Could Loewe be next? We’ll keep you updated.