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Apple iPad Mini cases revealed

All new Smart Covers joined by six Cygnett cases for Apple’s 7.9-inch Mini tablet

The dust has barely settled on the iPad Mini launch, and already we’re seeing the first cases for the 7.9-inch tablet arrive.

First up is Apple’s own Smart Cover. Already available for the existing 10-inch iPad models, the magnet-equipped screen protector has been redesigned for their little brother. It’s available in pink, green, blue, light grey, dark grey and Product Red finishes, and costs £35.

Mere minutes after the launch we also got word of Cygnett’s new cases, of which there are no fewer than six. The Workmate (pictured, £25) is made of tough, shock-absorbing material and comes in slate grey and red finishes. Lavish (£30), as the name suggests, is a swish folio-style case aimed at preening professionals and comes in black and purple.

Vector (£20, black or red) is a hi-gloss plastic shell with a spark-etched textured rear panel. Armour is super-tough, features a built-in stand and padded interior and costs £30. Enigma (£30) is a rubbery folio case with a Smart Cover-style screen protector that can be unfolded and turned into a tabletop stand, while Flexigel (£15) is a wrap-around, transparent rubbery case that protects from scratches and impacts.

Phew. Cygnett also offers screen protectors in both clear and anti-glare varieties. Both are £10.

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