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Apple iPad Mini gets 10 million orders for production

The new 7.85in iPad Mini is going to be so popular Apple has ordered double the amount Amazon did for the Kindle Fire

Apple expects its as yet unannounced iPad Mini to be very popular when it goes on sale in October. So much so that it’s placed an order for Asian manufacturers to make 10 million units for just three months – double the amount Amazon ordered when its Kindle Fire launched.

The iPad Mini is all but a certainty now with stories of parts leaking, rumoured invite dates, and even leaked photos – and now this. We’ve also heard, from the Wall Street Journal, that manufacturers are finding it difficult to produce this fabled device owing to its complexity. That’s great news for quality considering this 7.85in version of the iPad is going to be cheaper than its bigger brother – possibly even around the US$250 (£155) mark.

So will you be in line to make your hands feel giant by snapping up Apple’s 7.85in iPad Mini when it supposedly gets launched on October 17th?

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