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Apple iPad Mini – by numbers

The iPad Mini is here but how does it fit into the big wide world of gadgets and its many figures?

Let’s take a look at the important numbers that put the new smaller iPad Mini into perspective.

100 million – the number of iPads expected to have been sold by the end of 2012.

220,000 – the number of 7in tablets sold in the UK to the end of September

200 million – the number of devices running iOS 6

300 billion – number of iMessages sent

125 million – number of documents in the iCloud

28,000 – number of iMessages sent per second

160 million – number of Game Center accounts

70 million – photos shared on the iCloud

700,000 – total number of apps in the App Store

225,000 – number of iPad apps in the App Store

35 billion – total number of App Store downloads

US$6.5 billion – amount paid out by Apple to developers

1.5 million – books sold on the Books Store

400 million – books downloaded from Book Store

100 million – number of iPads sold

5 million – number of iPhones sold in first weekend

3 million – the number of new iPods sold already

73 – 4G speeds in Mbps

362 – the number of Apple Stores

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