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Apple iPhone 6 hits production soon – but iOS 7 is behind schedule

Apple's next iPhone is warming up in the wings as it prepares for its release later this year

Apple will begin production of the iPhone 6 over the next three months according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources. It will reportedly look nearly identical to the iPhone 5, suggesting a possible incremental iPhone 5S release instead. Surprised? Us neither.

The next-gen iPhone is expected to launch with iOS 7 out of the box, with Sir Jonathan Ive holding the design reins. He’s expected to overhaul the iOS user interface, adding a dash of much needed minimalist freshness to compete with Android.

iOS 7 itself, however, has been hit with delays according to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, who claims that Apple has moved engineers from the Mac OS X 10.9 team to help finish iOS 7 on time.

We expect to see the first glimpse of iOS 7 at Apple’s WWDC in June and are looking forward to a (hopefully) drastic overhaul to spice things up a bit. Stay tuned for the latest iPhone 6 and iOS 7 news in the meantime.

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