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Apple Maps is coming indoors

Apple has just dropped a chunk of cash to buy WiFiSlam in a bid to improve Apple Maps

Apple is taking its war on Google Maps from out on the streets right into your home. The fruit giant has reportedly just dropped US$20m on mapping company WiFiSlam to make the as yet shaky Apple Maps will work indoors.

WiFiSlam, a company started by ex-Google employees, uses Wi-Fi spots to accurately pinpoint your location from inside a building – something beyond line-of-sight reliant GPS. But before you start protesting that you don’t need maps indoors, thank you very much, imagine how useful it will be in big stations, conventions, at gigs and even in large offices.

Apple won’t comment on what it paid but the Wall Street Journal Blog report suggests it was US$20m. And with all WiFiSlam related apps suddenly going AWOL from the Play Store you can expect a big push for Apple Maps soon. Perhaps along with the iPhone 5S launch this summer.

[WSJ via Engadget]

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