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Apple to release iPhone 5S and cheaper iPhone in August 2013

The latest iPhone 5S could appear be released alongside a more affordable iPhone, as Apple takes on cheaper handsets at last

Apple will unveil its new iPhone this summer, most likely dubbed the iPhone 5S – but it could also be planning to release a more affordable version of its flagship phone, made out of (sit down and take a deep breath) polycarbonate instead of glass or aluminium.

That’s according to AppleInsider, which claims that while the iPhone 5S will feature worldwide LTE connectivity, its budget counterpart won’t work as a world device. Rumours of a polycarbonite body to cut costs have cropped up to support the notion of a cheaper iPhone, with a US$330 (£220) pricetag being floated about – here’s hoping. 

According to Chinese news site EMSOne, the iPhone 5S will work on China Mobile – the world’s largest carrier. Unlike current iPhones that need different models for separate carriers, the iPhone 5S will be one to rule them all, compatible worldwide. This also suggests a new chip like Qualcomm’s LTE processor that words on 40 bands.

[via AppleInsider]

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