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Apple rumours predict iPhone 2.0

We love a good speculate at Apple’s expense. The gadget god comes up with more cool tech in a year than most companies do in a lifetime. So when

So when US investment bank Goldman Sachs put its tech experts on the case it’s worth paying close attention.

First up, the iPhone. Undercover secret gadget agents reckon the iPhone is due a major, and a minor, upgrade. iPhone 2.0, if you will. It may have a slightly different design, and, unsurprisingly now, should include 3G. And by the end of 2008 it’ll boast more than its current 8GB of memory.

Next, the Apple TV – apparently, it may include an LCD screen. So, nothing about improved content support, then.

There was also a suggestion the MacBook thin won’t turn up any time soon as it proving tricky.

As usual, we’ll have to wait until the Mac expo Mac World in January to find out Apple’s latest plans.


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