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Auto log-in to all your sites with Ford’s KeyFree Login app

This clever app will unlock all your passwords when you sit down at your computer. That's right, the machines are still our slaves – for now

Ford’s key-free tech is nifty – but if you don’t have a Ford motor, it’s hard to get excited about. But now, in a bid to share the key-free love, Ford’s created an app that logs you into all your favourite websites – Gmail, Facebook, Twitter – as soon as you put your smartphone next to your computer.

As soon as you’ve installed the app on your computer and entered all your passwords once for its records, you’re good to go. When you get up again (with your phone in tow), the KeyFree Login app will log you out of everything in one fell swoop – leaving your Facebook status safe from unwanted updates, and confidential emails untouched.

For now you’ll need a Mac and Google Chrome plus a Bluetooth-enabled handset for the app to work its magic – and although it hasn’t appeared on any app stores yet, it’s ‘due to go global shortly’. Suddenly motion sensor geeks waving their hands at TVs and monitors look pretty retro, don’t they?

[via PSFK]

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