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Best of CeBIT 2007

We're still washing off the excited sweats we worked up over at CeBIT in the last week. While we do, why not digest some of our favourite spots?1) Com

We’re still washing off the excited sweats we worked up over at CeBIT in the last week. While we do, why not digest some of our favourite spots?

1) Commodore

)We were transported to retro heaven with the relaunch of Commodore as a computer maker once more, now building seriously well equipped gaming PCs. It also gave us another glimpse of the other string to its bow – its Gravel PMPs.

2) Samsung Q1 Ultra

Samsung at last sorted out the UMPC by slimming down its Q1 and adding a QWERTY keypad – something it should have done the first time round.

3) Sanyo 42LM4WPR-E waterproof TV

Waterproofing featured big. We’ve got one of these on order for the Stuff shower room: a 42-inch HD-ready plasma that’s impervious to the British weather and serious splashes in the bathroom.

4) PS3 accessories

With the PS3 launch just hours away, Logitech rolled up with six new pieces of kit for Sony’s next-gen gamer. Top of the pile: this ChillStream joypad (pictured) with a 40mm fan built-in to cure sweaty palmed gameplay – yours for £20.

5) E-Ten Glowfiish X800

Windows Mobile 6.0 finally started making a splash, cropping up on several new handsets, including E-Ten’s new Glowfiish with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, a 2MP camera and a lush VGA display, all in a PDA that’s just 16mm thick.

6) Massive tellies

There was the usual unzipping of LCDs to see who’s got the biggest. Sharp thought it’d won with 108 inches of LCD, only to be trounced by TecnoVision’s 205in ‘HD-ready’ monster made from 750,000 LEDs – a snip at 350,000 euros.

7) Vista and HD with everything

Seems just about everything came with a ‘made for Vista’ or HD-ready sticker. PC makers were showing off how sexy the new OS made their media centres, while Asus’s highly specced W2P even packs Blu-ray or HD DVD, and an HDMI port for plugging into the telly.

8) Solid state hard drives

As sexy as flannel towelling but all the rage this year – hard drives built from solid state memory. Featuring boot times that traditional platters can only dream of, SanDisk had a 32GB model while Adtron touted a 160GB model costing a cool eight grand.

9) G-Tech ‘mind control’ hat

New avenues for gaming opened up with a demo of G-Tech’s thought hat. Wearing a wired up skull cap gamers were able to successfully control a Pong paddle – just a few more tweaks and we’ll all be merging minds with Second Life.

10) Sony Alpha range

)Sony restated its mission to wrench the DSLR market from Nikon and Canon with prototypes of the next launches in its Alpha range. Sadly they were look-but-don’t-touch but expect to see a lot more before the year is through.

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