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BlackBerry London with BB10 spotted in the wild

RIM's upcoming make-or-break handset is snapped off the record once again

We’ve already had our way with RIM’s long-awaited BB10 OS (twice, actually) and the BlackBerry London handset has previously been snapped in the wild. Now new shots of the handset have made their way onto the interwebs, matching up with previous leaks and all-but-confirming what we expect to see at BlackBerry’s official launch in January.

With a rumoured 4.2in 1280×768 screen, 1GB of RAM and a dual-core processor, the BlackBerry London has to hit the nail on the head if RIM wants any chance of recapturing its former glory.

We’re also expecting to see a QWERTY keyboard-toting BlackBerry handset, although that particular model seems to be a lot more camera shy. Stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.

[CrackBerry via Pocket Lint]

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