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BlackBerry Z10 with BB10 OS revealed UPDATE: price and release date

The next chapter in the BlackBerry story is headed with a very attractive handset and OS indeed

BlackBerry has had a tough few years but now, with the Z10 handset featuring BB10 OS unveiled, it could be BlackBerry that lights the way for mobiles.

The BlackBerry Z10 is a full touchscreen mobile that moves BlackBerry away from its famous solid keyboard and into the touch-obsessed present. The BB10 OS takes it even further with a fluid system that does away with buttons all together for one of the most intuitive UIs on the market. There will also be a Q10 handset released with a solid QWERTY keyboard for die hard typing fans.

The NFC and microSD toting Z10 handset carries the burden of elevating BlackBerry above its rivals with some broad shouldered specs. Although the dual-core 1.5GHz processor is nothing to shout from the rooftops about, complimented with 2GB RAM it’ll be plenty future-proofed for the job. The 4.2in screen will pump out a Retina Display beating 1280×768 (356ppi) resolution for viewing your 8MP snaps clearly.

Innovations we can see Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 stealing soon are plentiful. The keyboard learns and adapts to how you type – for example if you often hit the B button instead of the spacebar, it’ll adapt the area of sensitivity to correct. Also it will predict a word on the next letter you type allowing you to swipe up to select it, making it potentially even faster than the solid keyboard of old.

The camera offers an intelligent TimeShift function that takes multiple face shots in a pic and lets you chose the best of the lot, on each person, for the final picture.

Also a superfast HTML5 and Adobe Flash friendly browser, simple multitasking, quick message access, screen sharing over video BBM, and excellent video and picture editing, all make for a mobile its competitors should fear. Now we just have to hope the BlackBerry World Storefront fills up with some more good apps on top of the 70,000 there now.

Check out our BB10 need to know guide and in depth BlackBerry Z10 review to learn more. Then you just need to decide on Z10 or Q10 and white or black. And with it out in the UK tomorrow you’d better decide quick. But at US$600 (£455) you might have to save up first.

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