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BlackBerry’s BB10 handsets to feature HD screens

RIM is stepping into the media market fully armed with a 16:9, clear display


BlackBerry is still keeping most of its BB10 handset details under wraps. But in a bid to aid developers working with the BB10 Dev Alpha RIM has released screen resolutions for its new handsets.

RIM will be unveiling two new handsets: a full-screened BB10 sporting a 16:9 display running a 1280×720 resolution, and a keyboard-toting model that will arrive packing the highest BlackBerry resolution display ever at 720×720. Compare that to the current 640×480 of the Bold 9900 and you can imagine it’s going to impress.

While developers will have to struggle with making two versions of apps to fit both handsets – or put up with letterboxing – we’re hoping it doesn’t put them off too much and that the BB10 handsets can put RIM back in the game once more. Expect an early 2013 release date.

[BlackBerry via TechRadar

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