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The Blaze bike light will save your life

This revolutionary bike light projects a laser image of a bike ahead of you. Just like Loki in The Avengers, if the Trickster God rode a fixie

The most important thing when cycling is to make other road users aware of your presence – and with the Blaze bike light, you can buy yourself a vital few seconds extra.

This Kickstarted project aims to prevent the main cause of cycling accidents – not being seen by cars pulling out. Blaze projects an eye-grabbing laser image of a bike ahead of you, giving drivers more time to stop before you appear.

It’ll also work as a regular bike light thanks to its powerful 80 lumen LEDs. With both the light and laser symbol on constant you’ll get 6 hours before needing to recharge; on flashing mode you’ll get 12 hours of use. A smart magnetic sensor detects when it’s unmounted and only lets you use the LEDs on dim as a torch, keeping the laser and full-beam shut off for safety.

This could be a revolution in cycle safety – and at £60 the machined aluminium Blaze will be worth every penny. Head on over to Kickstarter for more details.

[Kickstarter via Gizmag]

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