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Bluetrek Sense: one cool-looking headset

The only thing worse than wearing an Uhura-style ear-piece to talk to all your mates on is, possibly, wearing two.Thankfully, we can now all look cool

Thankfully, we can now all look cool wearing just one. Bluetrek’s Sense is a mobile phone addition boasting lovely smooth lines and touch-sensitive controls.

The 5cm lug-plug responds to voice commands, such as ‘answer’ or ‘hang up’ or ‘stop calling me, mum!’ That last one was wishful thinking by us, sorry.

The Bluetrek Sense can also talk to you to let you know about incoming calls, low battery, missed calls and other mobile phone-type functions we all know and love.

Shortage of battery power is also flagged up by it flashing its subtly hidden LEDs for you, though you may need to be looking in a mirror for that one.

We suspect the sexy styling of the Bluetrek Sense is a subtle hint it’s got its eye on a certain new mobile recently released over here in Blighty. You know, shiny, touchscreen, rhymes with pie drone. That could be a nice combo.


Bluetrek Sense Bluetooth headset

Price: £50

On sale: Early 2008

Contact: Bluetrek

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