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Bored with Nabaztag? Net some more web wildlife

As much as it shames me to admit it I've become quite attached to my Nabaztag Tag WiFi rabbit. Now it seems even more esoteric ways to get my net fix

First up there’s the Tux Droid which seems to be making a play for all those Linux lovers out there. It comes with a USB fish transmitter to beam information wirelessly from your computer and will keep you updated with your emails, RSS feeds and weather reports. It’ll make VoIP calls, act as an MP3 speaker and wake you up in the morning with a built in alarm clock.

Your own personal Pingu will set you back £90 from Firebox I’d get myself one but I don’t want to make Nabaztag jealous (yes, I know he’s an inanimate object but I just couldn’t look him in the eye).

Second on my list of weird web weapons is the Chumby, which may sound like one of Oliver Postgate’s creations but is in fact another web widget player.

The best thing about Chumby is that it’s open source and almost totally customisable. You’ll be able to add 3rd party apps and even create your own case using patterns on the website (my needlework isn’t really up to it).

It’s on sale in the US now for $180 but the developers tell me we can expect them by Summer 2008.

In the meantime, take a look at some modded Chumbies on Flickr. The teddy bear one looks a bit creepy but still all those sterile looking brushed metal gadgets are suddenly looking a little impersonal…