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Bose unveils VideoWave II TV-surround sound combo

These 46 and 55-inch HDTVs feature a 16-speaker surround sound array behind the screen – and a big ol’ price tag

Bose has ripped the wrappers off its new VideoWave II system, which comprises a 1080p LED-backlit HDTV with a 16-speaker surround sound system.

The speakers are all mounted behind the screen, so the surround effect is virtual – or as Bose calls it, the surround speakers are “invisible”. We’ll reserve judgement on the effectiveness of this setup until we’ve heard it with our own lugholes, although Bose promises that the automatic calibration should ensure the effects work in pretty much any room shape or size.

Elsewhere there’s an iPod/iPhone dock, connectivity for up to six devices (games consoles, set top boxes etc.) and a click pad remote control.

The system goes on sale today, priced at £4,700 with a 46-inch screen or £5,500 with a 55-inch screen.

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