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Canon DW100 will come to the UK

Brits will get their hands on a version of Canon's DW100 next year. The standalone DVD burner is currently slated for release in Japan in March 2008,

The portable burner enables you to create Blu-ray, and standard DVD, discs directly from your camcorder.  Freeing you entirely from your computer, you could be filming a party in hi-def and handing out incriminating Blu-ray discs by the end of the night.

The DW100 will handle MPEG-2 for standard video with high definition video recorded with the AVCHD codec.  It weighs in at almost two kilos and is a backpack-size 180x70x275mm.  

The main attraction for us is that shooting in HD can cane a camera’s memory harder than a public schoolboy. But with the DW100 we could offload footage from the camera onto disc and carry on filming to our heart’s content.  

No words on the DW100’s burning speeds, let alone anything about the UK model. We hope it won’t take too long, funny cats don’t just film themselves, you know. 


Canon DW100

Price: £tba

On sale: March 2008 (Japan)

Contact: Canon UK

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