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Celluon fires up laser keyboard: part two

It’s time for more Minority Report laser keyboard action – and this one’s got even more features than iTech’s classic

The original infrared keyboard from iTech was a cult hero at last year’s Best of Stuff show, making our Cool List and prompting Stuffers to run past the white PSP to have a type on its keys.

Well, its monopoly of the laser QWERTY limelight could be over: Celluon has just launched this new version with more features.

The Laser Key is identical in concept to iTech’s model – it uses Bluetooth to connect to a PDA or smartphone, and projects a full-scale keyboard onto virtually any flat surface apart from glass.

The keys are slightly smaller than on a conventional board so require a little training, and the unit will last for about three and a half hours per charge, slightly longer than the iTech’s claimed two hours.

Its killer feature, though, is an infrared touchpad, which means you can even leave your mini travel house at home.

Considering keyboards and mice rank among bacteria’s top holiday destinations, it’s a hygienic option too, unless you project its keys onto a dustbin lid.

The Falco Laser Key is available now for £130 – the same as the iTech – from here, where you can also find a list of compatible devices.