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Cocktail dispensing robot wins our hearts and petrifies our livers

Forget boring vacuum cleaning robots. Who needs to clean when the Bartendro serves up perfectly balanced cocktails all night long?

We’ve been rather petrified of robots lately, what with scarily accurate robot quadrotors and huge brick throwing robo-dogs making the rounds the past few weeks.

Luckily, a nice (h)armless robot that goes by the name of Bartendro has restored our faith in our metal companions. It makes cocktails you see, dishing out perfectly measured shots of mind-nectar with minimal mess and little cleaning required.

Powered by the Raspberry Pi (which recently celebrated its first birthday), the top-end Bartendro 15 supports up to 15 dispensers and comes with a router board, RaspBerry Pi, USB Wi-Fi dongle and frame.

Each pump is combined with a magical custom electronics dispenser to precisely measure out each unit of tipple through food-grade tubing, while the accompanying iPad app lets you customise all sorts of elements from managing dispensers to plenty of ingredients and drink recipes at your fingertips. Cleaning is as easy as running soapy water through the pipes, ready for another session of experimentation and debauchery.

The Bartendro 15 will set you back US$2500 on Kickstarter, although prices drop to as little as US$99 for the open-source dispenser on its own. Check out the Kickstarter page here and join us in planning the ultimate self-service cocktail bar.

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