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Control a 4.5 tonne mecha with your iPhone

A diesel-powered robot with twin miniguns that fire 6000 rounds per minute? There's an app for that

We always knew the Japanese would be the first to start building real mecha, but we never thought we’d be able to control them using a smartphone. Now we can – with the Kuratas robot, on display at Tokyo’s Wonder festival.

Kuratas is a 4.5 tonne, 13ft, armoured robot that can be piloted from inside, or remote-controlled using a 3G smartphone. Once you take control, you’ve got a diesel engine that can propel you along (up to 6.2mph) – and should you wish to skip tolls, simply open fire using the miniguns that shoot ball bearings at a rate of 6000 rounds per minute. And if you’re worried about aiming at speed, fear not, Kuratas locks onto targets automatically and can even be set to fire when you smile, you sadist you.

So how much to kit your house out with its very own ED-209 style guard-bot? A mere £816,000 for your personalised, made-to-order Kuratas. Can’t afford it? Just sell your house, buy a bot, enslave the world and live where you please.

[Via The Guardian]

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