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Deal of the week: A PS4, Uncharted 4, Black Ops 3 and DOOM for £289!

Three game bundle makes this the best value PS4 pack around

What is it?

Sony’s latest and greatest games console. A sleek black box with enough graphical chutzpah to give your Atari-owning parents goosepumps. And three of the biggest games around right now.

What does it do?

You mean aside from transporting you to distant planets, letting you live out your globe-trotting explorer fantasies, and putting enough firepower in your hands to blow away pretty much anything that moves? It’ll gobble up any PS4 disc you feed it and give you some much-needed virtual escape from the realities of life.

Plus it’s got Netflix, too.

Is it any good?

Pretty much everyone in the Stuff office has one, so yeah – it’s pretty good. The PS3 might have ended up in second place to the Xbox 360, but Sony came out guns blazing with the PS4. The UI is excellent, online multiplayer is fantastic, and you’ve got plenty of on demand video services like Amazon Prime Video, Twitch and Sky Now TV to keep you busy when you aren’t gaming.

The game selection is ace, too. Uncharted 4 and DOOM just came out, and Black Ops 3 is jam-packed with single player, co-op and multiplayer content.

We reckon the PS4 is a better package overall than the Xbox One, even if it means you won’t be playing Halo, Gears of War or Forza. Why would that matter when you’ve got Final Fantasy, DriveClub and Street Fighter V? Deal with it, Microsoft fanboys.

Oh, and the Dual Shock 4 controller? It’s an absolute peach.

Anything wrong with it?

That depends if you’re fussy about having a black console. You can’t add the white version to this bundle, so if you’re trying you colour match your home cinema setup, you’re out of luck.

You’re also stuck with a 500GB hard disk. Not something to lose sleep over, sure, but you might need to think about deleting a few installs to free up space once you add a few more games to your collection. Black Ops 3 alone fills up a whopping 45GB, and that’s before you start downloading map packs or DLC.

Finally, you might not be that fussed about Tescos’ choice of games. Maybe you don’t have the bloodlust (or the stomach for gore) to play Doom, or you’ve got Call of Duty overload. Still, everyone should play Uncharted 4 – it’s the game you buy a PS4 just to play.

Is this a really good deal?

Hell yes. You’d normally have to splash out £299 for a PS4 by itself, with games setting you back between £30 and £55 each. At £289, this bundle is an absolute steal. Even if you aren’t planning on exploring the world with Nathan Drake, fighting back the forces of hell in Doom, or getting your future shooty shoots on with BLOPS 3, you can take ’em all down to Game or CEX and trade in for some different games.

OK, I’m convinced. Where do I get it?

You can snap one up from Tescos by clicking this link here. You’ve got to build the bundle yourself, and make sure to add the code TDX-KPMW to knock the price down to £289. Oh, and you’ve only got until the 15th for that code to work, otherwise the price jumps to £309 – still decent, but not quite the steal it is right now.

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