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Dell XPS M1530 fattens up

We admired the XP3 M1330 for its size zero slimness but, frankly, we were worried about its health and hoped it’d put on a little flesh to buff

Happily, the M1530 has stuffed its face with a larger 15in screen and better graphics in the shape of the optional Nvidia GeForce 8600 M GT card. This should make it far easier on the eyes.

At the moment colours are only Crimson Red and Tuxedo Black (another new shade of black for our collection) but we reckon Dell’s love for press shots featuring rainbows of lappys will lead to a few more colour options in the future. 

Prices start at £700, rising to £2,500 or so if you go for all the optional extras, including slimline remote control and spy-chic biometric fingerprint security system.

We’re definitely going James Bond with this one. The Tuxedo Black should nicely match our dinner tails and ball gowns.


Dell XPS M1530

Price: from £700

On sale: now

Contact: Dell

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