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Designer outs iPhone Mini, iPhone 6 and iPhablet concepts

Got your sceptical hats on? Good, then you're ready to cast your eyes over the latest iConcepts to hit the interwebs

Designer Peter Zigich has created a trio of iPhone concepts to whet Appleites’ appetites while they patiently wait for Tim Cook to serve them up a silver platter of shiny new iThings.

The three concepts consist of an iPhone Mini, an iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S) and a big-screened behemoth which we’ve dubbed the iPhablet.

All three share the same principles of edge-to-edge screens and removed front home buttons, but the home button itself has made its way to the side, with one on each side to cater for both left and right-handed users.

While we can see the logic in slashing the size of the side bezels, we’re having a harder time accepting the dual side-placed home buttons. Still, the extra real estate offered by outing the front button means that a Phablet-like iPhone could be a possibility – something that past component leaks have pointed to.

The iPhone 6 keeps the same overall footprint as the current iPhone 5, albeit with a longer screen and an extra row of icons. The crowded icons on the iPhablet do look a bit messy though and we’d prefer it if they were spaced out more.

So, will the iPhone Mini, iPhone 6 and iPhablet look anything like these renders? Indeed, will there even be an iPhone Mini, iPhone 6 or iPhablet? Either way, we don’t expect the rumour mill to stop churning anytime soon…

[ipack3d via TechCrunch]

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