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Download of the Week: Biffy Clyro – Puzzle

[intro]Would sir care for a large portion of meaty riffs with a side order of sing-along rock choruses? Then try this new Biffy Clyro album[/intro]Dep

Depending on your outlook, Puzzle will either be Biffy Clyro’s greatest record yet or a dumbed down disappointment.

The name is almost deceptive; in the main it’s an album of big, unashamed, stadium-filling rock songs, but that doesn’t mean Biffy have been creatively lobotomised.

The fantastically titled Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies sounds like a late ‘70s horror film soundtrack with a fistful of riffs shoved down its throat. It’s the gloriously overblown result of too much exposure to Metallica’s S&M and shows the prog leanings of their previous records live on. In short, it’s brilliant.

Elsewhere, A Whole Child Ago is the kind of track Bloc Party would be making had they been a product of mid-nineties Seattle rather than mid-noughties South London.

But in a world where the kind of space-rock nonsense peddled by Muse can fill Wembley stadium twice over – with Biffy supporting, coincidentally – some of Puzzle is destined for the upper echelons of the charts. It’s the Scottish trio’s most radio-friendly effort since their debut and is sure to propel them from cult champions to mainstream stars.

‘This is the one, this is the one, this is the one’ repeats the refrain of Now I’m Everyone and its enough to make you wonder whether they planned it all along. Mon the Biffy!