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Evidence points to upcoming 6.3in Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Microsite for the new Galaxy S4 features gamepad that supports 6.3in screen size – sounds like the new Note to us

Is there a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 around the corner? And does it have a 6.3in screen? There’s new evidence to suggest that the answer to both of these questions is “yes”.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone launched yesterday, and with it a microsite talking up accessories and the like. One of these accessories is a Nintendo-esque gamepad that connects to the S4 via Bluetooth. So far, so what. Well, there’s one detail in the product description that catches the eye: it mentions support for 4in to 6.3in screen sizes.

Samsung doesn’t currently make a device with a 6.3in screen, but the mention of it suggests that one is definitely coming. And with smartphone screens getting larger, we can only see the Note range going the same way. The current model, the Note 2, has a 5.5in screen, and a 6.3in for its successor seems totally plausible.

So keep an eye out for more on the Galaxy Note 3 in the coming months.

[Samsung via Techradar]

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