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Facebook trialling ‘pay-to-promote’ status update feature

Uh oh. We're not too sure that social butterflies will take too kindly to Mr Zuckerberg's latest feature. Bring on the dislikes.

Would you pay US$2 to ensure that one of your status updates pops up in more of your friends’ news feeds? Facebook certainly hopes so, because that’s the exact feature that the social network giant is currently trialling with a small number of users, Engadget reports.

It’s worrying news for social butterflies and casual stalkers alike, and we can’t help but think this new micro-transaction direction is linked to Facebook’s stock market launch, which will put pressure on the company to keep shareholders happy.

It’s certainly not going to be a popular feature if it’s ever fully implemented and we expect to see a torrent of complaints hitting Mr Zuckerberg’s inbox in the very near future.

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