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First Windows Phone 7 handset spotted

It’s par for the course for your hardware to be found before launch. This time, it’s in Pakistan (apparently)


This is a picture of an Asus phone running Windows Phone 7. It is the first device running Microsoft’s new software to be seen in the wild. And that’s about all we can tell you. Except that it might not be real.

You can see from the (admittedly not very good) pic that it’s got a single nav Windows button and a couple of touchkeys, plus what looks like a 3.7in touchscreen with a fairly crispy resolution (AMOLED?). Again, the capture quality doesn’t help, but there’s either some reflection in the top right hand corner, or a sensor or front-facing cam.

It was found in Pakistan, upping the ante for boring manufacturers who get their leaks done in China and Vietnam, and leaked via Twitter and TweetPhoto. Where next? The South Pole?