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Five new sets of Sennheiser in-ears

If you’ve just invested in something from the new iPod range you’ll be wanting to swap the ubiquitous white ear lugs for some decent ‘phones and Sennheiser has just the ticket.Hooking up with Sennheiser’s Classics range are the CX 400 and CX 500. The 400 comes with a short chord for plugging into player remote controls – and a 1m extension cable for plugging in direct. A lanyard version integrates a cord to hold a mobile or MP3 player.Upping the ante the 500 (pictured right) gets better isolation thanks to special in-ear adaptors and a wider frequency response for improved sound.Getting down with the kids in the Street range are the CX 55 and CX 95. The 55 boosts its low-frequencies for serious bass and has an angled arm for tangle free head banging.But topping them all is the 95 (pictured left), which Sennheiser reckons is its best in-ear design. It gets lavished with metal buds and neutrally balanced sound.They’ll be looking for ears to call home from the end of the month.EssentialsClassic: CX 400, CX 400 (lanyard), CX 500. Street: CX 55, CX 95Price: £55, £60, £70, £50, £90On sale: SeptemberContact: SennheiserRelated stories:Gadget of the Day – Jays q-JAYSSTUFF ESSENTIALS – In-ear headphonesSennheiser’s magnificent seven