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Football SuperStar – Second Life with balls

There’s a new footy game warming up in the online multiplayer world and getting caught offside isn’t all you’ll have to worry about.

Football SuperStar is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that will pit you against millions of football fans around the world – think World of Warcraft but with tribes of Frank Lampards instead of goblins.

The game will be set in a ‘utopian soccer-styled virtual world’, which we can only imagine will be like living in an episode of ITV football cartoon of yore, The Hurricanes, where you’ll play a single footballer who will remain in your control even when 90 minutes is up.

The focus will be on tasting fame off the pitch, and glory on it. When Saturday comes you’ll be able to compete online in 3-, 5- and 11-a-side matches alongside other human players, while off it you’ll need to interact with managers in an attempt to get signed by one of the top teams.

The developers claim it’ll be the most realistic football game ever made, although presumably it’ll be more like ‘Second Life meets the beautiful game’ than GTA IV – so no incidents in hotel rooms involving impressionable girls and class A drugs.

Kick off is scheduled for Q2 2008. Better get practicing those keepy uppies.


Football SuperStars (PC)

Price: £TBA

On sale: Q2 2008

Contact: FootballSuperStars.com