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Fully Charged: Microsoft Surface Hub delayed until 2016, and see Tarantino’s Hateful Eight trailer

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Surface Hub delayed ’til 2016

Got a puny Surface Pro 3? Ever thought, "I’d really like to have this several times larger and permanently affixed to my wall"? Be honest. Luckily, Microsoft aims to answer your unique plea with the upcoming Surface Hub, which comes in 84in and 55in varieties – but unfortunately, it won’t happen this year.

In a one-line update to a blog post from last month, Microsoft quietly announced the news that the Surface Hub units won’t start shipping until 1 January 2016. We’d guess that the company has a lot of things on its plate right now, given the Windows 10 launch, but still, this has to be disappointing for the folks who agreed to plop down £16,269 on a wall-sized tablet.

[Source: Microsoft via Engadget]

Tarantino’s Hateful Eight trailer


Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, appropriately named The Hateful Eight, hits cinemas on Christmas Day, and the first trailer popped up yesterday. In typical Tarantino fashion, it’s violent, vulgar, and heavily stylized, plus it features an eclectic cast: everyone from Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell to Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, and Michael Madsen.

One note on the Christmas release: it’ll only appear in the 70mm film format at selected cinemas at first, with a proper full-fledged release at digitally-projecting cinemas in January 2016. Hopefully enough locations will support the physical film version to give us something punchy to soak in this holiday season.

[Source: YouTube]

Android spotlights experimental apps


The Play Store is loaded with more than 1.6 million apps, but it’s easy for the weird and wonderful stuff to get lost amidst the clones and generic junk. Luckily, Google sees the potential in showcasing the odd and audacious, and has created a site called Android Experiments to call attention to them.

Most of these apps aren’t ones you’d likely use daily, but they’re fun diversions, cool sights to see, and certainly worthwhile party tricks to have handy on your device. There’s stuff for phones, tablets, and watches alike, and the above trailer should get you excited to dig into the selection.

[Source: Android Experiments]

New Super Mario Maker trailer

Super Mario Maker is arguably the most exciting Wii U release of this autumn, splitting the difference between LittleBigPlanet-esque creation suite and grand tribute to Nintendo’s beloved series. It’s out next month, and you can get the best look yet in the lengthy overview trailer above, which digs into the tools, pre-made levels, and wide Amiibo support.

[Source: YouTube]